Trusting God with What’s MINE

Last summer, we were thrilled to find an organization that would accept donated funds for our adoption care ministry in Nicaragua. While we knew the arrangement was temporary, it allowed us to start fundraising and for that we were so grateful. About a month ago, the director of that organization contacted us to say they were closing their doors at the end of 2014. While we initially felt some disappointment, we were immediately aware of the fact that God knew about this disruption well in advance and He had laid the groundwork for us to work with a different organization.

So I did something I should do more often: I shared the need with our prayer team and a few others, and then simply waited. I didn’t stress. I didn’t worry. (Really, I didn’t. I know, it’s shocking to me as well.) I figured if God wanted this ministry to happen, He would find a way for us to accept donations.

Ironically, the same week we heard about the closure of our financial partner, I was dealing with another money-related problem. We’d made an offer on a house in South Carolina, contingent only on financing. We’d been pre-qualified by the bank, so I figured it was pretty much a slam dunk. But then the questions started coming. And the problems started mounting.

In this situation, I responded oh-so-differently. I stressed. I worried. I figured if God wanted this home purchase to happen, He needed me to stand on top of the process and jump up and down until I squashed the round peg into the square hole. I was absolutely going to make this happen!

Only it didn’t.

And it occurred to me how much easier it is trust God with the ministry, than to trust him with anything prefaced by the word my: my house, my car, my kids. I realized that I had been holding the ministry in an outstretched hand with open-palm. We didn’t ask for this ministry. We didn’t want the job. All along, it’s been His ministry, not mine. So I told God if He wanted this to happen, it was up to him to make it so. I did what I considered to be “my part,” and left it at that.

But the house? Well, that was up to me, of course. Because it was going to be mine. Is there anyone else who cares about it as much as me? Well then, it must be me who makes it happen. And this concept can easily translate to the other my areas of life. My kids? Well, they are mine, and only I know what is best for them. My relationships? Those are mine too. Mine to decide whether to fix or throw away. Right?

From Jeremiah 17: Cursed is the one who trusts in man,  who depends on flesh for his strength... But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,  whose confidence is in him.

Huh. [This is the point at which you turn to me and say: “How’s that working out for ya?” And I answer: “Not so good.”]

Oh and the ministry? Well, God provided a certain “chance” meeting in Greenville… which led to the suggestion of us working with a certain organization that facilitates missions… and we are now back in business. We’ve connected with an amazing partner that has caught the vision for adoption care. This is not a temporary solution until something else comes up; the Martinez family has been accepted with the Shepherd’s Staff as full-time adoption care missionaries in Nicaragua. All of their funding will work through the Shepherd’s Staff, for as long as Carlos and Sharla are serving under FIT. This is a huge blessing.

And it didn’t happen because of me.


Now that we’re able to accept donations again, I need to update you on our fundraising efforts. Back in October, we’d reached 75% of our funding goal of $2500/month. With our new financial partner, the Martinez family will be W2 employees. This means we do have to increase our budget to $3300/month, to cover the administrative costs and taxes. We are currently at $1900/month, which means we have a shortfall of $1400. We begin funding the Martinez family on December 1st! That is obviously less than two weeks away, but we are trusting God to fund this family. :)

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