Adopted for Daily Life: A Devotional for Adopting Moms

Adopted for Daily Life now available

This is really happening, people! Our devotional (Adopted for Daily Life: A Devotional for Adopting Moms) is now for sale on Amazon!!! You may remember me writing about how God gave me the topic and I eventually agreed to accept the task last summer.

The plan was to complete 26 weeks (or six months) worth of devotional writings centered around what God has to say about topics that are relevant to our daily lives, particularly as they relate to adoption. God showed me through our foster care work and adoption care ministry just how lost these moms often feel during the process. Even though they “know” others have walked the path before, they fall into the trap of believing that “no one knows how they feel,” which can lead down a pretty dark path. Adopting moms don’t need another self-help book, but rather a daily reading rooted deep in the life-changing Truth of the Gospel. It is only that Truth that can dispel those lies.  And it is only that Truth that can and will uphold them throughout the adoption and as they parent their children.

I wrote some of those weeks, and then asked “moms who have been there” to select a topic and share their story of what God taught them through their adoption(s). Those gluttons for punishment beautiful women are:

  • Caroline Bailey (“Barrenness”)
  • Amy Bultemeier (“Endurance”)
  • Amie Cooper (“Worry”)
  • Melissa Corkum (“Self-care”)
  • Jessie Crabtree (“Trust”)
  • Allison Cunningham (“Peace”)
  • Alisha Forrest, Copy Editor
  • Anne Marie Gosnell (“Purpose”)
  • Stacey Hare (“Disappointment”)
  • Rachel Harrison (“His Presence”)
  • Tonja Ihlenfeldt (“Fear”)
  • Glorya Jordan (“Spiritual Warfare”)
  • Wendy Lankford (“My Shepherd”)
  • Carrie Leister (“Faith”)
  • Mary Osteen (“Providence”)
  • Laura Pheneger (“Joy”)
  • Melissa Sands (“Remembering”)
  • Jessica Satterfield (“Love”)
  • Allison Schumm (“Loss”)
  • Michelle Simpson (“Humility”)
  • Melissa Stanek (“Waiting”)
  • Julie Swain (“Beholding Christ” and “Anger”)
  • Lisa Williams (“His Faithfulness”)
  • Tammy Wondra (“Hope”)

The resulting book is hugely encouraging, no matter who you’re parenting. I have been absolutely blown away by the writings of these sweet and talented women. Even though I’m not currently going through an adoption, God continually speaks to me through their words. I am honored and humbled to have been a part of this process. And I am so grateful for these women who have stepped out in faith both to adopt and then to take time out of the diapers, tantrums, tears, and laughter to sit down and write about it.

Sidebar: Oh, and somehow we ended up with 27 weeks, when all was said and done. (I seriously didn’t realize that until Friday, which was the same day the book went up for sale on Amazon. What can I say except that I went to art school, not math school.) Bonus.

And, the book is available for FREE if you subscribe to Amazon Monthly Kindle Unlimited plan. Double bonus!

Back to the point of this post: the ebook of Adopted for Daily Life: A Devotional for Adopting Moms is now LIVE on Amazon! I’m still working on a way to get printed copies. But in the meantime, you can purchase and download an electronic copy for all your e-readers, smart phones, and computers. Mother’s Day is coming up… what a fabulous gift for the adopting mom in your life! And, your purchase helps support other adopting moms through our adoption care ministry. Definitely sounds like a win-win if you ask me.

If you’re not convinced yet, I did post a few samples last fall when we first started. You can read them here:

One final thought… this book is a labor of love from all of us volunteers to all of the other adopting moms out there. Along with labors of love go imperfections and mistakes. While we’ve attempted to check spelling and grammar and Bible references several times (and then check again), I’m sure we’ve missed some. So please do let me know when you find those imperfections so I can correct them and upload a new copy of the book. Thank you for your support!